ACCESS Network Events

This Network is about investing in yourself, giving you the information you need to make a decision; financial and otherwise and move your business or project forward. We are not just passing business cards and eating lunch. We will not be giving out awards. We are going to be there each month to help you grow your business.

The presenters at these events are vetted and experienced. I have either personally worked with them or they come highly recommended. You can continue to do it the hard way or the time-consuming way. And of course, you can google, call around and ask on social media, but this is about immediate ACCESS to GET IT DONE at a reduced rate.

What about these presenters?

  • They are vetted.
  • Experts in their industry.
  • Trustworthy.
  • Operate with Integrity.
  • Community Focused.
  • Interested in seeing your business grow.

ACCESS Network Business Lunches

This is not for everyone.

This is not about IDEATION, or idea creation. Attendees should be in the WORK of their business, yet know it is time to build team and get resources. You know you need to do to grow your business and serve more clients.

  • This is for those looking to learn, leverage grow, invest in their business and get it done!
  • This event is for those in business that have a need to fill and are ready to DO business to grow your business.
  • Serious business owners who are working on growing their business or developing a project or eventĀ· Fast-Action takers.
  • Typically those who have done some research on the service needed ahead of time so you are prepared to take action on the offer.
  • This is for those looking to learn, collaborate to leverage their growth, invest in their business and GET IT DONE!

Past Events

August 9 @ Etta's HTX

September 13 @ Etta's HTX

November 8, @ Etta's HTX

December 13, @ Etta's HTX

January 31, 2018 @ Etta's HTX

February 14, 2018 @ Etta's HTX

Sponsored Events

August 17th and 18th in Houston, Texas