Let’s talk about list building, or more specifically why you need to build a list in the first place.

It doesn't matter what form your online presence takes – be it blogging, creating video content, running an online store, or growing a social media presence – any online business can benefit from having a list and focusing on growing your subscriber base.

What makes email lists so special?

It gives you a chance to talk directly to your audience. You don’t have to wait for them to come to your blog or login into a social media account to see your content, your message, and your offers. Instead, you get to go to them … directly into their email inbox to be more specific.

While blog posts, videos, and social media posts lend themselves to talking to your entire audience at once, with email… even when you’re writing an email to a larger list, it allows you to talk to each reader individually. While your blog posts for example are written to a whole segment of your audience, you can sound more personal and personable with your list.

Most importantly though, email marketing converts better than any other form of marketing and it’s the main reason why all your other marketing efforts should focus on growing and expanding your list. In other words, the list allows you to make a living from your online business. And it’s also a safety net.

Things happen.

Just recently, rumors are floating that the current President would like to limit the availability of Twitter. What if Facebook decides to close down your account or start to charge a fee, your website may get hacked and a lot of the content lost, search engines may one day decide they no longer love you and stop sending you free traffic. Murphy’s Law holds true, even on the web…. Anything that can go wrong will eventually go wrong. But if you’ve focused on building a list, you always have a way to recover. Think of all the social media platforms that disappeared as fast as they came.

And you have a chance to get to know your readers better. You can build a relationship with them through the daily or weekly emails you send to them (as well as their replies). You start to build trust with your audience. Why is that important? Because once you have earned that trust, they will gladly take you up on the offers you sent them via email. You can segment them to make your information more relevant as well. And provided you treat your list well and share great stuff, it’s sustainable. You can make offers for things they want and need over and over again.

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